QUESTION: Are You Hiding Any Black Holes In Your Geek Life?

So, it’s no secret that geek culture, in many ways, is bolstered around the concept of cred. Geek cred. You know what I mean. You don’t sit down at an RPG table for the first time with a new group without mentioning your experience playing various editions and classes. You don’t go to a Jonathan Coulton show without adding that this is the sixteenth time you’ve seen him play. You stop at nothing to pepper your general dialogue with quotes from your favorite films and books. It’s just part of how we do things.

However, there is a line between the truly well-rounded geek elite, and those of us who, well, have a few black holes in our geekery. Wait, what? Am I admitting to not being a flawless geek with a memory of a thousand lifetimes? Yes, in fact I am. There are quite a few geeky mountains that I have as of yet to climb, and some of them might shock you. Don’t go revoking my Geek Card, though. Honestly is the first step toward recovery. Or something.

At times, I’ve been too embarrassed to admit these geeky black holes. And other times, I have very good reasons, I think.  So in the spirit of geekiness, and inclusiveness, I thought I’d share a few of my geeky black holes with you, and invite you to share yours in return.

Here goes:

  • I have never read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Dune, or anything by Robert Jordan. In regards to Douglas Adams, I tried. I really did. At the time, it just didn’t stick and I haven’t gone back. So when people go on about towels and whatnot, I’m just a bit confused. Maybe someday will be the right time. Dune is a different story; I think I should have read it in high school, just after I finished The Lord of the Rings. But I never picked it up, and haven’t invested the time to do otherwise. Same with Robert Jordan. If I’d started younger, it would likely have worked. But now, I just don’t know if I can commit to that kind of series. Not to mention, I’ve forgotten how to read books without critiquing the hell out of them, and I suspect I’d have issues with Mr. Jordan for that reason.
  • I have not seen every episode of Firefly. This, unlike the others, is intentional. I love the show like no other; so much, in fact, that I have purposely saved a few episodes for a time in my life when I really need them. Overly dramatic? Maybe. But Captain Mal and his crew are so dear to me, I just can’t let them go. Not yet. I mean, I know what happens, I saw the film. But I like knowing that, in spite of the show’s heartbreakingly short run, there is more of the adventure to be experienced should I need. You can’t take the sky from me.
  • I have never seen Blade Runner. That I remember. I know I saw it at some point when I was very young. I remember bits and pieces. But nothing lingers. I love Harrison Ford. There is no reason for this, and really no excuse, especially since the sequel will be released later this year. This can, of course, be easily rectified…

Okay, so now that I’ve got those off my chest, it’s your turn! Are there any geeky black holes in your life? Any conversations that leave you high and dry? Come on, ‘fess up!