Honest Ad: Why Credit Cards Are a Huge Scam [Video]

Wanna have money without having money? Then get a credit card! In this video from Cracked, host Roger “Horton” is back to tell us all about why credit cards are a big scam.

Unfortunately, you absolytely have to have one these days if you want to purchase anything online. The trick is to entirely pay the full amount you owe at the end of each month, but a lot of people just can’t do that unfortunately. They end up paying the minimum amount, owing more and more to the credit card company as time passes. Oh, and sure, some companies do offer cash rewards when you’re using their cards, but if you can’t even pay what you owe them at the end of the month, a return of 2% won’t help you much.

I guess the only thing that will help is getting a card with a low interest rate and a low credit limit.


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