Is 2017’s Gaming Line-Up Making Anyone Else Go Broke?

I have been an avid gamer since I was a kid (many, many, MANY consoles ago) and I can honestly tell you I have never seen as many great, A+ games come out in the first quarter of a year as I just saw in 2017, and that is not even counting the new Nintendo console. Add that to it, and you have a year that is not even half over, yet I am pretty sure I have already spent my annual salary on new tech and games over the last 3 months alone. While I am extremely excited that games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild are in my life, the lack of meat in my house and drinking only tap water is starting to get to me.

And the kicker is, we are still at the first half of the year, when it is common knowledge most top shelf games come out during the last quarter and closer to Christmas. What about when Red Dead 2 drops and the crapload of other good games set to drop this year come out? By then, I will have to remortgage my house just to ensure I stay in the gaming loop. And man, there are some BIG NAME GAMES yet to come. So really, this article is to make all the people who have already blown most of their money on gaming this year feel better and not so alone.

From a new console to PS4 and Xbox getting some of its best lineup yet (and tech upgrades), 2017 came in like a starving lion, and my bank account is going out like a tender, little lamb.

I am sure a few of you out there feel me.

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