The Switch Brings Back the Charm of Old-School Game Boxes (and Manuals)

I miss game manuals. Honestly, I do. One of the worst things that has happened to gaming since the 90’s is the in-game tutorial. As great as it may be to learn a game by playing it, now games just come with empty boxes, no instructions or art or anything cool but a box and a disc. Meh to that.

But it looks like Nintendo has gone old school with the Switch in more than just the cartidge department. If you look at the above Switch copy of The Binding of Isaac, you will see it has a manual (Zelda throwback, genius) and a few pieces of sticker art thrown in there. It even has some “inside of box” art, which is totally badass. If the Nintendo Switch will bring back game manuals and original game art and cool boxes like this one,┬áthe world will be a better place.


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