Buzz Aldrin Fronts Mars VR Experience

Buzz Aldrin can take you on a trip to Mars. But sadly it’s only virtual reality for now.

The second man on the moon will star in a VR movie showing his proposal for trips using the moons of both Earth and Mars as stopping points on six-month journeys to the red planet. The movie lets viewers join Aldrin on the journey and exploring the harsh climate that would await early visitors, along with a possible design for a colony.

Aldrin has made the video as part of a campaign for governments across the world to join together to lead a single program for getting man on Mars. He told the BBC that the current range of programs, including private operations, was an inefficient use of resources.

A short trailer (below) is already available in 360 degree formats for YouTube and other video sites, plus the LIFE VR mobile app. The full 10 minute VR movie is available now on the HTC Vive system, with an Oculus Rift version coming soon.

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