The Rise and Fall of Saturday Morning Cartoons: A Valuable Lesson

Saturday morning cartoons

For those of us who went through childhood in the eighties and nineties, Saturday morning cartoons were a part of what defined us as adults today. These two decades were completely different when it came to how we consumed content, especially when compared to how kids watch cartoons these days with the Internet and on demand television being available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The gleeful expectation that our favorite shows would air on a certain day each week just isn’t there anymore, and I think this is kind of sad for the current generation. Two of my favorite shows were “The Mysterious Cities of Gold,” a French-Japanese animated series that ran between 1982 and 1983 and “Captain Future“.

I think waiting a whole week to watch the next episodes of our shows taught us a valuable lesson, patience, which seems to be severely lacking to kids these days. When I say this, I’m talking as a parent of three, but I might be wrong, so I’m turning to you, dear parents and readers: Have you noticed this in YOUR children? Do you think the new “on demand” generation is getting spoiled by how the Internet provides instant gratification to kids consuming content? Do you miss your Saturday morning cartoons?

Let us know in the comments below! (After watching the video below, of course).

Warning: Possible nostalgia overload (especially if you’re a kid of the eighties or nineties!)

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