D&D Gets Official Rulebook App

Dungeons & Dragons is getting an official app bringing together rules, character management and discussion forums. It’s being marketed under the slogan “beyond pen and paper.”

The app, titled D&D Beyond, will cover both Dungeon Masters and players. It’s designed for the fifth edition rules and will include:

  • a digital version of the D&D compendium (which includes rules, spells, classes, monsters and items);
  • character management tools including a character builder;
  • room to use your own created content; and
  • access to news and articles about the game, plus a discussion forum.

Developers Wizards of the Coast are now taking sign-ups for an initial beta test of the app. There’s no word yet on which platforms it will be available for.

Based on the limited details in the announcement, the app will be largely based about making it easier to play with a group at the table rather than following the likes of Roll20 in providing online play.

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