Yes, That Is Mojo on FX’s Legion (Update, Shadow King, I Was Wrong)

Legion is a new FX TV show based around the X-Men mutant who is basically the most powerful mutant in the Marvel U (really,) but his illness (which is schizophrenia by the way) keeps him from knowing what is real and what isn’t. His story alone is mature and twisted and surreal and quite unlike any Marvel material you have seen before. First off, I am here to ask those of you who are not watching it, why? From cast to budget to the mental breakdown scenes, everything is top shelf and handled exquisitely. But there is one other reason I wanted to write this, and it is more aimed at people already watching Legion.

Yes, the creepy-ass mutant with yellow eyes we always see in the shadows and darkness is X-Men baddie Mojo and I, for one, could not be more excited. What makes Mojo being on a TV show so spectacular is he is a “spineless one” in the comic (his lower half are robotic spider legs. Yup, I just said that) and in his world, what he calls the “Mojoverse”, he makes people fight to the death on TV shows that are more like gladiator battles than anything else. So what I am saying is, a mutant who is TV obsessed is on A TV show, and when they finally present him, he will think this is all a TV show. How meta is that?

Now I know a great many of you may not understand that fully, but trust me when I say, Marvel is hitting pure gold with Legion and you need to watch it ASAP.

Legion airs Wednesday nights on FX at 10 PM.

(Edit: Shadow King according to many readers, writer still thinks Shadow King does NOT look like this. Note the double chin, yellow skin and the fact that, on the show, we don’t see his bottom half because they don’t have the budget but you geeks are right, it is Shadow King as of the finale. I concur and apologize for my assumption).

~Remy of GeeksAreSexy~

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