That WOW Moment in the Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer….

The first season of the Netflix original show Stranger Things blew up and became a cultural phenomenon, and with good reason. It reminded us of all our favorite 80’s things, and in the best possible ways. What is so great about the world created within Stranger Things is anything can happen. It’s a world awash in fantasy and Spielbergian vision, and the first season wore those elements very well, but the season two trailer dropped and all fans are talking about one thing (except the cool Eggo waffles reference and the Ghostbusters Halloween costumes): the scene featured in the above picture.

For anyone who missed the trailer itself:

In the trailer, we see Eleven opening a house door only to see that massive “beast” (or whatever it may be) looming over the burning cityscape. While it may very well be a “vision” or dream sequence, it still hints at some Cloverfield-sized something making an appearance at some point, which really amps up our excitement for the next season even more.

Sadly, we have to wait and speculate until Halloween 2017 when Stranger Things comes back with some bigger and even STRANGER things.

Speaking of stranger things….

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