Important: Ads on Geeks are Sexy – An Explanation

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to explain something to you guys about the ads being served on G.A.S. As you know, except those of you using ad block, of course, I serve ads to visitors to help pay for the maintenance of the site and to pay contributors. Unfortunately, it may happen occasionally that you see stuff that clashes against what you believe in, just like on almost all sites on the web. The current political situation in the United States currently generates a lot of discussions, and even though we do not serve these kinds of ads on the site, some may occasionally slip through.

As a Canadian resident, I don’t see the ads you guys are getting, except when I use a VPN, which I do occasionally to troubleshoot problems related to specific geos. I am also strongly against posting anything negative or political on the site. I feel that GAS should be a feel-good destination that serves positive news that inform, make people happy, or make you think.

So if you see anything that you find offensive in our ads, be sure to report it via the contact section above if it repeatedly comes up.

Thank you!