Razer Making Triple-Screen Laptop

Razer has unveiled a prototype of a gaming laptop with three screens. Exactly how practical it will be remains to be seen.

The device is currently codenamed Project Valerie. The three screens are each 17 inches and have a 4K resolution, though it appears likely that the processors could only cope with ordinary HD when using the entire display for gaming.

Attractive as the idea of (comparatively) big-screen gaming on the move might be, the set-up brings some practical considerations. The folded-up laptop is 1.5 inches thick and weighs 12 pounds, so it’s probably going to be something to pack in the trunk of a car rather than use on a commute.

The other big concern is the power demands, with no word yet on the battery life. That said, the chances are that anywhere comfortable enough to set it up will have a power outlet on hand.

There’s no price available yet either, though a recently unveiled Razer laptop with similar specs (but a single screen) costs $3,499, so you’re looking at a big chunk of change.

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