What is Your Geek New Year’s Resolution for 2017?

People need to understand, a new year’s resolution for most people and one for a geek are not the same thing. This is not some losing five pounds or getting a better job type of stuff. I will give you some good examples of some New Year’s Resolutions for geeks.

I WILL Beat a Dark Souls Game This Year

I Resolve To Finish the New (Insert Fave Game Here) This Year

I Am Going To DEFINITELY Buy a VR Headset This Year

More Indie Games, Less sequels in My “Must Plays”

I Will NOT Game as Much And Spend more Time With My actual Family

HAHAHAHA, totally kidding about that last one. That would be more of a curse than a resolution. (Editor’s note: As a married man and father of three, I totally disagree!) Anyway, what is YOUR geek resolution? The more creative the better (my examples were pretty weak). Post it in the comments. Last time we did this with geek Christmas gifts you guys and gals had some awesome input, let’s see what you got THIS time!

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3 Responses to What is Your Geek New Year’s Resolution for 2017?

  1. New year’s resolutions for a geek, is more something of a screen related nature. ^_-

    Anyway, I didn’t need to make any huge life changing decisions, because life changing opportunities kinda came beforehand. I got a real job this time. No part time, or free-lancer, or intern kinda half-legal (’cause of my visa) thing. So for me was like – new year, new life, and it started automatically, as we made a deal to start working and signing the contract by the start of this year (after months of interviews and testings, and free-lancing).

    I work at a mobile game company in the game translation and localisation team (in Korea, for Italian language), and I like it so far.

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