My 15 Favorite Original Cosplay Photos from 2016 [Pics]

Now that 2016 is almost over, I looked back on some of the original cosplay photos we published this year and compiled some of my favorite ones to present to you guys. A lot of Geeks are Sexy readers are cosplayer themselves, and unsurprisingly, some of most popular pieces we publish on the site are cosplay picture galleries, which are often viewed over 100,000 times each! For me, attending convention and meeting all you wonderful people is the best part of this job!

So without further ado, here are 15 of my favorite “Geeks are Sexy” cosplay pics from 2016!

Vampy Bit Me as Psylocke – London Super Comic Con 2016

Little Rey – Quebec City Comiccon 2016

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais as Scorpion – Quebec City Comiccon 2016

Sauron (Emilie Laliberté-Pareja) – Quebec City Comiccon 2016

Hollita Cosplay as PlayArts Kai Catwoman – London Super Comic Con 2016

MP2EX Cosplay as Heavy Master Chief – Montreal Mini Comiccon 2016

Jasmine (Katrine Lachance) – Quebec City Comiccon 2016

Kei Yuki from Captai Harlock – Quebec City Comiccon 2016

Shepard and Jack from Mass Effect – Ottawa Comiccon 2016

Kelan Ord as Fallout Jesus – Quebec City Comiccon 2016

Kamui Cosplay as Fallout 4 Dweller – Montreal Comiccon 2016

Daft Punk – Montreal Comic Con 2016

Stacey Rebecca as Leia – London Super Comic Con 2016

Jon Snow and Hodor – Montreal Mini Comiccon 2016

The Scooby Gang – Quebec City Comiccon 2016

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