So How Many Worlds Are There in “Westworld”? (Spoilers)

First off, if you have not watched Westworld on HBO stop reading this now. This will contain spoilers, speculation, and a bunch of other S words that will ruin this fantastic show for you, so just go watch it and come back, okay? For the rest of us, holy crap! That Westworld season finale was intense, stacking plot twists on top of plot twists, and showing us a much grander picture of what is all going on there with the hosts and creators and how they are reaching a point of technological singularity. But that is NOT what I am choosing to focus on here at all. All that was great, but there are plenty of people talking about it. What I want to talk about is Samurai World (come on, we all saw it) and the implications that one minute scene had on the future of this amazing television show.

So we saw Samurai World, and that alone tells us other time periods are definitely in this park. So we have feudal Japan. What else might be in there? In the original movie (spoiler alert) there was also a park that took place in ancient Rome. And on top of that, we can talk about the sequel to the movie that NO ONE KNOWS EXISTED called Futureworld (one guess where that park takes you) and you start seeing the bigger picture. Also, you guys do know the guy who wrote Westworld also wrote Jurassic Park, right? And you do know what the name of the most recent movie was, right? Jurassic World. If you think that a coincidence, just know they were working on the show when movie came out, just saying. Two plus two equals four, that is basic math.

A good friend had a theory about the show having worlds that tied all HBO shows together, from Deadwood to Game of Thrones to a Gangster world to The Sopranos. That is almost TOO brilliant to be possible, but just shows you how much we potentially have to look forward to from future seasons of Westworld. Is it weird I want a Pirate World, because I want a Pirate World. Just putting that out there. Hopefully my programmers are listening and are taking notes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my narrative indicates I need to go write another article.

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