Apple AirPods Cost $69 Each To Replace

Apple has finally started selling its wireless AirPod earphones. They cost $159, though there’ll be a very small ‘discount’ if you need to replace a lost one.

Unlike most earphones, it’s possible (and some would say probable) to lose one Airpod rather than the pair. In that case, you’ll have to pay Apple $69 for a replacement.

If you’re thinking there’s scope for a somewhat convoluted scam of buying two replacements for $138 and then selling or gifting them, think again. The $159 purchase price also includes a charging case (which is also needed for pairing to non-Apple devices) and if you lose that, a replacement will cost – you guessed it — $69.

Exactly what proportion of the manufacturing costs goes on the earbuds and what goes on the case isn’t public knowledge, but that does mean there’s a good chance Apple will make more profit when it sells a replacement item than it does selling the original set.

Outside of the initial one-year warranty, repairs will cost $69 (are Beavis & Butthead setting the prices?) and battery replacements $49.

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