Pokémon Zoology: When Pokémon Meet Real Life [Pics]

London, UK-based artist Joshua Dunlop has created a series of illustrations called “Pokémon Zoology” that portrays some of the most popular Pokémon out there into what they’d actually look like if they’d be living, breathing creatures. Check ’em all out below!

From Joshua Dunlop:

I originally sketched out some rough ideas in Photoshop, using real life animals as reference. Once I was happy, I used a 3D program called 3D-Coat to build and texture the model

“I then brought the model into a rendering program called KeyShot which allowed me to get realistic lighting and effects,” he said. “Finally I brought everything into Photoshop and built the images using a combination of photo-manipulation and digital painting. It takes a while but it’s a lot of fun when you see the finished product.”

[Source: Joshua Dunlop on ArtStation | Joshua Dunlop on Facebook | Via Mashable]