Why Final Fantasy XV Is The One You’ve Been Waiting For

The newest Final Fantasy game has had people drooling for almost a decade now. The first demo was insane and awesome, and though it seems like a big departure for a Final Fantasy game (driving around, is this Final Fantasy GTA?) but the truth is, the game has a lot to offer to fans of the series and is as ambitious in scope as you would think.

Here are some solid reasons why this is the Final Fantasy video game you have been waiting for, even if it does deter from the norm a bit. You know how to remind yourself it is a Final Fantasy game while you are playing it? Just look for the one insecure male character in the game who overcompensates for his shortcomings by yielding a massive, phallic sword.

Yes, this game has one or two of them, too.

[Final Fantasy XV | (Via)]

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