You Can Now Listen to Westworld Soundtrack for Free (Covers and All)

I was perusing the web today and noticed a bunch of sites telling their readers that they could buy the Westworld soundtrack from iTunes, which I thought was pretty cool as the soundtrack features old time covers of modern classics and is amazing. But then I did a little research and thought I would go one further for those who are poor geeks like me.

You can listen to the same songs for free right now on Spotify’s web player or on the app itself if you have it (which most people do). You can even download and save the songs if you have Spotify Plus. Just saying, iTunes it if you have the money, but just because you  might be struggling to pay your bills shouldn’t mean you don’t have access to this amazing music, too. Obviously YouTube is an option for the financially challenged as well.

Either way, enjoy this fantastic soundtrack to an even more fantastic show!

[Image Via, H/T to Stereogum]

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  1. Now that is excellent news! As much as I’ve been enjoying Westworld, I’ve been enjoying the soundtrack on the series even more :)

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