Brewery Debuts the World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips (and They Look Tasty!)

When one thinks about potato chips, one thinks greasy, delicious snacks that you could chow down a whole bag of for under five bucks. Get ready for that opinion to change. Introducing the world’s most expensive potato chips crafted by a rather impressive Swedish brewery named St.Erik’s. They are also going above and beyond by giving all the proceeds from this craft potato chip to charity. What charity, we do not know yet, but we trust them. I mean, look at that packaging!


Introducing the (oddly specific and already sold out) fifty-six dollar potato chip:

The world’s most expensive chips, prepared using carefully selected ingredients. Among the ingredients are Matsutake, one of the world’s most sought-after species of fungi, and a special truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands that can only be found in cold tides. …All Chips that have been developed have been manufactured by hand. It has taken flair, taste security and time for each chip to have a perfect balance between the various raw materials. The taste is very Scandinavian because we have only been using Nordic ingredients, for example, Swedish mushroom and seaweed from the Faroe Islands. Potatoes and onions feels most again, but what stands out is the quality.


Here I am, sitting with my can of Pringles in hand feeling like I really deserve better, but I am a 99%er. Wait, are those still a thing? I mean I am poor. Do we call ourselves poor again? Is that okay?

Either way, these look tasty and are for a good cause, so huzzah! On an alternative version of earth I am eating these right now.


[H/T, images via LaughingSquid]

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