SNL Touches on Some ‘Stranger Things’ Mysteries Like Only SNL Can

We would all be lying if we were to say Stranger Things hasn’t transcended TV and become something bigger. Everyone watched it and everyone loved it, and now that we have all finished it, seems between Jimmy Fallon and SNL, we will now start seeing the skits and bits inspired by this awesome show.

This particular sketch from Saturday Night Live this week involves a very particular aspect of Stranger Things that was never mentioned during the season. And though I won’t ruin it here for you, it is pure gold. You even finally meet the creators, The Duffer Brothers, only in typical SNL form. Well played, SNL. Well played. Some say you lost it years ago.

I am not one of those haters. This is pure gold.

Editor’s note: Not available in Canada, but I know it works in the U.S. and the UK.

(H/T i09)

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