WANT: Critical Hit D20 Necklace Glows With LEDs


Casting time: 1 action. Range: Touch! A fantastic necklace for roleplaying and tabletop game fans!

Welcome the Critical Hit D20 LED Necklace to the party. In normal circumstances, it looks like a purple d20 hanging from your neck. But when orcs or goblins are nearby, it starts to glow blue. Provided you’ve turned it on. And at that point, it glows blue no matter who’s nearby. So yeah. It’s a purple d20 that you can switch on whenever you feel like it so it glows bluish (giving the whole thing a sort of violet hue). We suggest you go with the Tolkien precedent and turn it on when there are orcs or goblins nearby, as long as you understand you’re going to have to do the detection of the orcs and goblins part yourself. Capiche?


[Critical Hit D20 Necklace Glows With LEDs]