No Tomorrow – A Turbo Kid Tale [An Adorable Apple Prequel]


If you’ve watched Turbo Kid, and even of you haven’t, you’ll most definitely want to check out this AWESOME short film/music video featuring everyone’s favorite friendship unit, Apple. The story takes place right before her encounter with the kid!

Even though the video takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, it’s one of the most adorable short films I’ve seen in a while. I’m pretty sure it’ll make you smile. And the music (by Le Matos) is FANTASTIC! Check it out below!

I’m also supper happy that the video was entirely produced by people from where I live, the beautiful province of Quebec, Canada.

Music Composed by Le Matos (Jean-Nicolas Leupi & Jean-Philippe Bernier)
Lyrics & Vocal by Pawws (Lucy Taylor)
Cinematography by Jean-Philippe Bernier
Sound Design by Jean-Nicolas Leupi

– with –

Laurence Leboeuf as Apple
Jean-Simon Leduc as Apple’s Friend
Stéphane Demers as The Cult Leader
Marc-André Boulanger as The Mutant Barbarian

[Le Matos]