Stranger Things Kids Finally Admit Something VERY IMPORTANT (Spoiler Alert!)

If somehow, you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, stop right now.

Everyone and their mother has watched or is watching the show Stranger Things on Netflix. It has become a cultural phenomenon, and I wish I could tell you my odd connection to it all but I literally, legally, cannot. (How intriguing is that?). That being said, for some odd and inexplicable reason, some fans have started this whole Barb thing (what happened to Barb, why did Barb get the shaft) and though most of us know it is just something people are doing for laughs, it gets addressed here and the kids answer and tell everyone what we already know but needed to hear from them:

Barb is dead. Period.

I totally knew that the moment I saw slugs crawl out of the mouth of her dead and bloated corpse, but for all you in denial, there it is. She is dead. But outside of that, how cool and humble do these kids seem? Success could not have happened to a nicer group of kids, honestly.