These International Rogue One Posters Have Us Even More Excited About the Movie


Rogue One looks like it will bring us back to the retro Star Wars we all grew up on and loved, while bringing something all new to the table as well. From the lack of Jedi in the film to the supposed cameo of a certain Darth we all love to hate, Rogue One is just what we all need  to hold us over until we officially get episode 8 in 2017.

And to help hold us over until Rogue One actually comes out just before the end of the year, here is a look at two new international posters for the film, one seen above, one seen below. Both are from Japan and have a different feel from some of the more familiar Star Wars posters we have seen in the past.


The ‘tropical coast’ picture is very different than what we are used to, but the looming Death Star in the background is pretty awesome. Some say they look too ‘shopped’. What do you geeks think? I, for one, am a Drew Struzan nut, so that should let you know how I feel, but anything Star Wars is pretty awesome in my book, period.