Megabots Season One Trailer: USA Challenges Japan to a Giant Robot Duel [Update]

Remember last year when the folks from MegaBots challenged Suidobashy Heavy Industies to a giant robot duel? Well geeks, it looks like the fight will finally be happening. Here’s the first trailer of the upcoming web series:

Team USA is BACK and it’s getting ready to take on Team Japan in the world’s first Giant Robot Duel! Subscribe to this channel to see the Duel, and watch as MegaBots prepares for the Giant Robot Duel by: destructively testing the Mk2, working with specialists like Howe & Howe Technologies and IHMC Robotics, studying human physiology and combat techniques, testing ludicrously large and powerful giant robot weapons, and generally designing, building, and testing the world’s largest (16 ft tall), heaviest (10-ton), and most expensive ($2.5M) sports combat robot.

Stay tuned for our first episode, which drops September 28th!

[MegaBots Inc]

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