Star Trek Ships Available As 3D-Print Models


A 3D printing company has signed up the rights to nearly 400 models from the Star Trek universe. Fans will be able to customize and personalize each model.

It’s technically a game rather than movie or TV tie-in. The company, Eucl3d specialises in producing physical models of characters and locations from video games and this license is for the Star Trek Online MMORPG.


The big advantage is that the range, licensed by CBS, covers ships from multiple installments of the TV show including Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation. There’s also some non-Federation vessels including the Klingon’s Bird of Prey.

As well as choosing colors and (simulated) materials for different parts of each craft, you’ll be able to have each craft labelled with its own name and registry number.

The models will be around 12 inches long and ship worldwide, though pricing hasn’t yet been announced.