Channel Zero Gets its First (Creepy) Trailer

For those who do not know, Channel Zero will be an anthology horror show that tells classic creepypasta stories via SyFy. And if creepypasta does not ring a bell, that Slender Man story (and game, and soon to be movie) is taken from a story from there. Truth is, the whole site if filled to the brim with terrifying horror, so to hear it was getting turned into a SyFy show, a lot of people lost hope. Nothing ever ends up being as cool as it is the way you see it in your head.


The trailer they just dropped for Channel Zero is creepy as heck and sets up the tone of the show well. Also, you creepypasta fans will recognize tooth child. Show premieres on Sept 27th (and first season is based around Candle Cove, so I am extra excited as that tale stuck with me long after I read it.)


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