Beautiful Majora’s Mask Clock Tower Wedding Set [Pics]


We’ve often featured the fantastic work of master jeweler Takayas Mizuno in the past on GAS, and today, the man is back with a set of beautiful Majora’s Mask Clock Tower wedding rings.

We love stories like Megan and Jonathan’s wedding set because it’s heartwarming to think that growing up they both played the Legend of Zelda series, then years later they would meet each other, fall in love, and design their wedding rings around their favorite childhood game: Majora’s Mask.

The game’s unique relationship with time was one of their favorite aspects, and they wanted to find a way to capture the passage of time in their rings. For inspiration, they supplied pictures of the Clock Tower that appears in Clock Town and most significantly, when Link travels through time.






[Source: Takayas Custom Jewelry]

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