Found Another Heath Ledger Joker Easter Egg in Another DC Animated Movie

ledger egg

This time I was re-watching Assault on Arkham (the kick-ass animated Suicide Squad movie that SHOULD HAVE BEEN adapted into the live action movie) and just like with The Killing Joke, I thought I saw something really quick, paused it just right, and sure enough.

An easter egg referencing the clown mask Heath Ledger’s Joker wore in the opening heist scene of The Dark Knight (best non-animated Batman movie ever).

It is really cool to slowly realize the true impact Heath’s Joker had on ALL of DC and not just the geeks and fanboys like us. I am enjoying the idea of going back through all of DC’s animated Batman movies post The Dark Knight’s theatrical release to see just how many of these “Heathster Eggs” I can actually find. If I found two this easily, there have to be some buried gems in there, too. Speaking of buried gems….

R.I.P Heath Ledger.

(The Joker in him would have appreciated the tastelessness of that joke. Trust me).

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