Overwatch Drops Sudden Death, Expands Rankings


Overwatch is getting a revamp of its competitive online mode. There’ll be no more sudden death and the rankings system is being tweaked to be more informative about a player’s level.

The changes will take effect in the second “season” of competitive play. One big difference is to the scoring for rankings. For season one, players were ranked only out of 100 points and the full scale wasn’t really used: as Digital Trends notes, it was possible to be among the top six percent of players yet only have a ranking score of 60.

In season 2 each player will have a ranking out of a maximum 5,000. Rather than rely on the specific scores for comparisons, there’ll be a seven tier system. It’ll be more about peak achievements rather than recent results as in most cases a player who reaches a tier will never drop any lower than that tier for the rest of the season, even if they have the odd bad game or two. The tiers will also be used to make sure players are more evenly matched in the matchmaking system.

The only exceptions will be for the top two tiers, master and grandmaster, which will effectively be the current elite leaderboard. Players in these tiers will not only lose points if they go on a bad run, but will also see their score drop gradually if they stop playing for an extended period.

Another change is an end to the sudden death mode that was criticised by many players. Instead there’ll now be the potential for a tie, earning both sides some ranking points. To accompany this there’ll be some minor tweaks to bonuses in the final 30 seconds that should make ties rare.

Check out the video below for game director Jeff Kaplan’s explanation of the changes:

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