Google Drops Linux For New Operating System Fuschia


Google is working on a new, non-Linux operating system that may be designed specifically for the Internet of Things. For now it appears the system is at an early development stage only.

The system is named Fuschia, which is a play on words that comes from fuschia and magenta being two names for the same technical color mix in web colors. That’s because the new system uses the open source kernel named Magenta rather than the better known Linux.

What code is already available shows that Fuschia supports user modes and security models similar to those in Android. It also seems to be set up to work with everything from embedded devices to full-blown PCs.

Other than confirming it’s behind the project, Google isn’t saying much, leaving Fuschia’s purpose open to speculation. A common theory is that its designed for sensors and other embedded devices. Another idea is that it will power Google’s take on augmented reality.

Perhaps the most ambitious theory is that Fuschia will be the replacement for both Android and Chrome OS, giving Google a single operating system for smartphones, tablets and traditional computers. That could make life easier for app developers and create a virtuous circle of more Google-compatible apps and more Google device users.

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