Amiga Games Come To The Browser


More than 10,000 Amiga games are now available to play free online in your browser. It’s another addition to the Internet Archive.

While the archive is arguably best known for making and storing copies of web pages, it also includes a wide range of multimedia files and applications. It already offers several thousand MS-DOS games and hundreds of arcade games to play in a browser via streaming.

The newest section has games from the Amiga computer, produced by Commodore in the late 80s and early 90s. While it didn’t perform quite as well as its predecessors in the “persuading parents it will be good for doing homework” stakes, it had particularly impressive – for the era – audio and graphic capabilities.

While not every major title is included, the collection has plenty of the games most associated with the Amiga, including Batman and Xenon 2. The downside, as with many emulators, is that some games are slow to load and figuring out the controls can be a challenge.