Random Yet Awesome Bioshock Statues Found


I love Bioshock and all things Bioshock (as most gamers do), so when I find things about Bioshock, I tend to geek out. This is one such example. I was sent a link to the above pic, and the minute I saw it my eyes were in rapture (that works on two levels for those who don’t know what the world itself actually means).

A Big Daddy and Little Sister perfectly recreated in full form at someone’s door. I think most of us geeks would sacrifice a relative for that, so whoever made it and has it, huge props to you. Now would you kindly let me steal it?

Maybe THAT’S why no one knows where  it is, actually. You totally cannot steal what you cannot find, and we all know you don’t pick Rapture. Rapture chooses you.


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