Hot Wheels Creates Incredibly Badass Real Life X-Wing Car [Pics + Videos]


This one-of-a-kind X-Wing car is currently on display and for sale at San Diego Comic-Con! Wow. Just wow. The only problem I see is that the thing will probably be selling for a price that most of us cannot afford, and that’s really, really sad.

Watch as the iconic Star Wars X-wing Fighterâ„¢ is reimagined as a high performance Hot Wheels racecar, both in 1:64 scale die-cast and as a full-sized build equipped with a 2.0 liter 16 valve DOHC engine, AP dual piston calipers with slotted rotors, and custom Slick tires to out-maneuver the Empire and save the galaxy. Don’t miss the X-wing Fighterâ„¢ Carship when it speeds into San Diego Comic-Con International on Wednesday, July 20th and look out for 1:64 scale die-cast Carships at a retailer near you later this year!



[Hot Wheels]

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