The Amazing Evolution Of The Joker Throughout History

Do you know what it takes to make you into a madman as unhinged and sickly as The Joker? One bad day. One bad day is all it takes to drive even the most sane man to break into something “else”. This is from the Joker’s own mouth, a speech given during the amazing Killing Joke graphic novel (and soon to be movie), but the beautiful thing is, the Joker has so many looks and different origins that it is hard to tell if they are all one person, or just the visage of a madman, adopted by many.

Regardless, The Joker is an amazingly compelling bad guy, and watch as ScreenRant runs through the insane evolution of the clown prince of crime.

And remember kids, just ONE bad day is all it takes to turn a sane man into the Joker. One bad day…