Minecraft User Makes Working Game Boy


Minecraft lets you build anything from walls to temples. Oh, and a Game Boy Advance with a playable copy of Pokemon Fire Red.

A user with the screenname Reqaug has taken advantage of the way the building blocks in Minecraft aren’t simply structural but can also be functional. While some people take advantage of that for simple purposes such as building a water wheel, and one user even went so far as to construct a working virtual hard drive, Requag has taken it to the next level.

Not only does the virtual Game Boy Advance play the Pokemon game, but there’s even a working level editor. However, the game itself is missing key functions such as combat and dialog, so in effect it’s more of an explorable map of the Pokemon world. Requag says combat will be the main goal of a second version of the emulator.

For those interested, the project is available for download over at planetminecraft.com.