Westworld: Will HBO’s Next Big Thing Fill the Game of Thrones Gap?


So the buzz around HBO’s next big show, Westworld, seems to be growing and growing. To those familiar with this remake, Westworld is about a theme park people go to play out their “old west” fantasies of getting drunk on whiskey at a saloon and then challenging a fellow gunslinger to a showdown (among other wild west clich├ęs). But the parks NPCs, who are AI programmed, human looking bots, begin to become self-aware and self-reliant, and as you know with all “robots becoming self-aware” stories us geeks love, it never ends well for the humans. Funny side note, if it sounds like Jurassic Park with cowboy androids, that is because it is. It was originally a book written by Michael Crichton, who also penned Jurassic Park (and Congo, which is the same exact story except with apes, not even kidding). He likes that formula but you can see why. It makes for very compelling stories.

But how does HBO plan on turning a two hour movie and one shot story into an on-going series?

That seems to be the major question of the day, and one that will only be able to be answered once we have spent some time with the show and can sense an overall arc (my prediction, robots turn bad, duh). But we do know HBO writers are the best in the business, so Westworld just could be the thing that fills the void once Game of Thrones finally and sadly draws to an end.

We can only hope, because that is going to be a BIG gap to fill.

(image via ScreenRant)