KFC Box Meal Includes Phone Charger


KFC is offering a free powerbank in box meals for Indian customers to charge their phones. It’s a great deal, but is merely a promotional offer.

The Watt-a-Box is a limited edition version of an existing box meal and costs the usual price of 150 rupees (around US$2.20.) As well as the usual five food items, you get what’s billed as a 6,100 mAh powerbank.

The packaging is designed so that you can simply plug a charger into the side of the box, but it’s possible to pull the box apart (once you’ve wiped off your greasy fingers) and retrieve the powerbank. It comes with sockets for micro-USB and Lightning connectors and even includes a cable for each socket.

The big limitation is that the powerbank appears to fall far short of its listed capacity and is more of a quick fix when running low on energy, which is perhaps appropriate given the setting.

The box is only available in select stores (and in limited quantities) in Mumbai and Delhi or by winning a competition on Facebook.

It’s not the first gadget promotion KFC has done. Last year German customers were offered a tray mat with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard to avoid the questionable pleasure of chicken grease on touchscreens.

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