Google Two-Factor Authentication Becomes One-Click


Google has made two-factor authentication a little simpler to use. It’s now possible to confirm your identity on a phone with a single tap rather than typing a code.

At the moment, if you login to Google on an unfamiliar computer and you’re using two-factor authentication, you have to receive a six-digit code though either a mobile app or an SMS text message, then type it into the computer.

With the new option, you can simply tap a button on Android or in the Google iOS app, though logically enough this only works on a phone you’ve previously verified as yours.

Using this option is certainly yet another reason to make sure you have a good phone screen lock, though in practice if somebody has stolen and accessed your phone, the chances are they won’t feel the need to try to access your Google account on a computer.

The new option isn’t enabled by default, so to use it you’ll need to visit, select “Sign-in & Security”, then “Signing in to Google” and “2-Step Verification.” From here, select “Google Prompt” as your default option.

If the option isn’t there, you may have to wait for it to become available as Google rolls it out. On Android, you may also have to update Google Play Services.

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