Resident Evil 7 Trailer: Could This Be Silent Hills Spiritual Successor?

The last thing anyone was expecting from a new Resident Evil game was a VR game that ends up looking suspiciously like the cancelled (already cult hit thought it wasn’t out yet) Silent Hills, yet that is EXACTLY what this first teaser trailer subtitled Desolation reminds us of. This is by no means a bad thing at all, but just a plot twist none of us saw coming (especially after the ACTION FEST that was Resident Evil 6). This new R.E looks more akin to ghost hunting, and will be VR only, so get ready for some scares in ways we have never experienced them before in the series

One more thing for those truly in the know: Allison Road was canceled for any gamers who want to point out that is Silent Hills TRUE successor. That was set to fill the void, but sadly, like Hills itself, was doomed to die a miserable death before its time. Here’s hoping Resident Evil 7 doesn’t befall the same fate.

So what are your thoughts on the first Resident Evil 7 trailer? Were you guys and gals as surprised as us? Hit us up in the comments and let us know.