Creepy and Intense: Robert Kirkman’s New show, Outcast, Reviewed (Spoiler Free)


What writer and creator Robert Kirkman did with zombies (The Walking Dead,) he is now attempting to do with demonic possession. Outcast is a Cinemax show based off the comic book of the same name by the aforementioned and esteemed creator of the Walking Dead. It focuses around a young man named Kyle Barnes who is cursed with a life surrounded by demons. More accurately, people he loved being possessed by demons and attempting to cause him or those around him harm. I will not spoil anything here for anyone new to Outcast. I am just here to tell you why you should definitely give it a try. It might just be the most startling take on demonic possession since the Exorcist (and you know that is REALLY saying something) and if you have the guts, you should at least try to watch a few episodes.

For starters, Outcast was already renewed for a second season, so don’t mistake this for some “flash in the pan” kind of thing. This is Kirkman doing what K-Man does best, which is to say, traumatize and intrigue. The show focuses around our titular Outcast, Kyle Barnes (played by Almost Famous alumni Patrick Fugit) who seems to have the ability to harm demons, but is also cursed and followed by them for the entirety of his life (seemingly, for that very reason, though it is all speculation on my part at this early point). Make no mistakes, this is high grade scary stuff. Full-on demonic possession on a cable channel.┬áNO punches pulled.┬áThis show is not for the squeamish. But the wonderful juxtaposition you will find in Outcast is the same theme that runs through the Walking Dead. Yes, there may be some bad people out there (like, really, REALLY BAD), but there will always be a good to counter it and fight against it.

For me to tell you much more would spoil the first couple episodes and how the story unfolds, so I will just let you discover that on your own. But check out Outcast, Friday nights on Cinemax. Creepy, spiritual, storytelling that plumbs the depths of the human psyche, as Kirkman LOVES to do. Just keep a bottle of holy water beside you while you watch.

(Image Via NerdMuch)

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