This “First Age” Sauron Custom Leather Fantasy Armor is Beyond Magnificent!


This amazing “First Age” Sauron custom set of leather armor was created by the always amazing and talented Samuel Lee from Prince Armory. Samuel is incredible craftsman as you’ve seen time and time again on Geeks are sexy, and this new suit is just as beautifully detailed and complex as everything he’s released in the past.

But instead of the typical medieval fantasy spinoff (its already that anyway), this design is more focused on a scenario of what might Sauron’s armor looked like in the first age (Far before the well known 3rd age featured in the Lord of the Rings films). I won’t get into the volume of lore left behind by Tolkien but one thing worth noting is that Sauron himself was a capable artisan and armor smith. Perhaps he would feel at home in this armor.






[Source: Prince Armory on Facebook | Prince Armory (Official Site)]