The Perfect Parody: A Review of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Play Within the Show


So we all know what I am talking about, if you actually watch Game of Thrones every week. For the last two episodes, Arya has found herself in the court of a show, forced to watch the key (and most traumatic) events of all the seasons so far played out as satire before her eyes. When watching with biased eyes (as fans of Arya and the Starks in general) it can be quite wince-inducing. But it is only once you step outside of that viewpoint that you actually realize, it is sort of brilliant and I would probably TOTALLY pay to go see that show live right now. If I would, there is no way I am alone in that thought.

First and foremost, let me make something VERY clear. We all are (or should be) aware that the stage show is sort of like the Fox News version of what is really happening in and around Westeros. But it should also be noted that satirical stage plays back in times of lore were commonplace (though admittedly, dragons were not) so the way the whole story is handled in the play is an accurate representation of how such news would be delivered is a fair assumption to make. Of course, as fans of Game of Thrones, we would not go to see this play wanting accuracy. We would go in wanting the exact absurdity of the exact scenes that are represented in the play. Remember, this show traumatizes some of us and to stop and laugh at what has shaken us so deeply at times is great therapy for the soul. Come on, the Red Wedding could be HILARIOUS. Okay, maybe that is pushing it, but you get my gist.

The above slap being a perfect example of a scene that would bring a live theater to their feet. We could cheer the bad guys, boo the good guys, and hell, maybe even throw some tomatoes at the stage, old-school style. It would be the Game of Thrones therapy we could all use right now. So hey, HBO, hire me to write it. I can even compose some great musical numbers around some key scenes. “I’m Jamie Lannister, missing my handister, can’t grab banisters, DAMNister!!!!” I could go on and write a creepy yet accurate line that rhymes with ‘sister’ here, too, but this is a family site and you get my point. Honestly, stuff this golden writes itself, just think of me as a necessary conduit, because I CAN DO IT! Let’s make this happen. Remember, Remy said it first. Game of Thrones parody musical. ®

Sorry HBO, but yes, I just reserved the rights.

*Mic drop

[Image source, VanityFair]

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