He-Wars: Knights of the Galaxy


Artist Sillof created this series of characters to pay homage to the series he loved as a kid, talking a look at some of the similarities between Star Wars and Masters and the Universe.

Most boys who grew up in the 80’s had certain staple toy lines they played with, among them were Star Wars and He-Man. What they may have not understand was how much the latter owed the the former. As a kid we just enjoyed these diverse worlds populated with great characters. Most kids, myself included, did not realize at that time that the Masters of the Universe was essentially a mash up of Conan the Barbarian and Star Wars with some of the style of Frank Frazetta and elements of Flash Gordon. This line is intended as a commentary on the similarities of both toy universes. This in not a mash up or intended be “Look at this character dressed as that character”. Rather, it imagines a world in which the similarities are extended to place the Star Wars archetypes inside the Masters of the Universe world.


[Source: Sillof – Jamie Follis | Via Neatorama]

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