Banjo Guy Ollie Performs Fantastic Cover of “Shoot or Die” from Turrican

My pal Banjo Guy Ollie has just released this fantastic cover of “Shoot or Die” from the 1990 hit C64 video game Turrican. The game was ported to other platforms as well, so all you oldschool gamers might have heard it on other systems as well. I’ll include the Amiga version at the bottom of this post as a reference!

The intro theme from the AWESOME Turrican soundtrack by Chris Hueslbeck. This is one that I never thought I’d be able to pull off when I started the channel but finally, with the aid of my new toy, the E-Bow, I was able to do it.

I am still amazed how well crafted this piece is, with simple yet addictive patterns weaving in and out of each other and a surprisingly diverse bass patterns.

It wasn’t easy to pull off though and I had a lot of fine tuning on eq and mastering to make it sound as full as possible but I think it worked out well.

[Banjo Guy Ollie]

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