Teens React to (Original 1993) Doom and I Feel Old Now

I know there is a real split reaction in society and social media about “reaction” videos. Some love them and some hate them (and yes, two people just tried to copyright and monopolize the word REACT, but the less we speak of that, the better). And as far as my contributions to this site, I don’t EVER choose to share “kids react” or reaction videos on here because they are just so plastered everywhere about everything. If I want to watch someone react to something, I will put on the Red Wedding at a family get together during the holidays.

BUTTTTTT…I know I am not the only “grown up” geek in his 30’s, and I won’t lie to you, being a fan of the original Doom (like, drooling fan back in the day), this video made me feel really old.┬áSo here you go, feel old with me so I don’t feel so badly about it. And please get those DAMN KIDS OFF MY LAWN!

*Stands outside in robe and shakes cane vigorously

Editor’s note: I remember that a few friends and I used to record our own sound effects for the game and replaced the original ones with ours. It was hilarious. I also feel very old now. :)


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