A Tribute to H.R. Giger: Pro Builders Create MASSIVE Alien Spaceship in Minecraft

From Everbloom Studios:

Hello everyone, today we present to you our Tribute to H.R. Giger:

Throughout our lives, many of us have been exposed to the designs of Giger through his work on album covers, paintings and most famously, the film: Alien. It stands a testament to the iconic power of Giger’s design that his art, so initially bizarre and horrific – can become so iconic and traverse so many mediums.

His work has indeed propagated deeply in the social conscious. Many of us have been inspired by his artistic musings of death, sex and steel but beneath the darkness also lies a cold beauty.

It is for this reason that we wished to give tribute to him, and do our best to present his themes in our own medium Minecraft.

We hope you enjoy, our tribute to Giger.

Everbloom Studios has also created plenty of other Chef D’oeuvres in Minecraft. Here’s one of my favorites:

[Everbloom Studios | Via GT]

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