MIB 23: Insane Men in Black/21 Jump Street Crossover Gets Named


When I first heard that the (surprisingly hilarious) 21 Jump Street movies were getting a crossover with the Men in Black franchise I thought someone was playing a prank on me. It seemed TOO out there to be true (though I was not mad at the idea as I’m a fan of both series’).

Come to find out, it IS true and it now has a name. MIB 23. Though it seems Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not likely to come back, I still hold out hope that this insane film will work on some profoundly self-aware level. Or it won’t. Just gotta wait and see.

But if it is as good as the last few 21 Jump Street movies and first few Men in Black, I will be waiting in line with the rest of you by the time this it finally comes out.

(image via CinemaBlend)