Dude Gets to Level 70 in Diablo 3 in Just 33 Seconds [Video]

Diablo III player Blacklung the Orc has figured a way to reach level 70 in the game in just about 33 seconds. THAT’S RIGHT: 33 seconds!

With the season dying down, me and some friends decided to throw this video together. This is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way a viable leveling route. I will however be posting a follow-up video on how we were able to pull this off and what preparations are necessary if anyone wishes to duplicate the results. Hope you enjoy!

Kotaku lists a few tricks the player might have used to reach the level that quickly:

  • Enter a Cow Rift instead of a normal rift. Cow rifts are still rare but they spawn a bit more frequently since the latest patch. A rift with cows means more gold, more XP and stronger items.
  • Farm all bounties beforehand in Torment X difficulty, get all the caches and drop them on the ground. This means even more gold.
  • Use gold-to-XP bracers (Custerian Wristguards) with Kanai’s Cube to get its legendary affix. All the gold dropped from monsters and from the bounty caches is now turned into XP.
  • Also use a level 25 “Gem of Ease” legendary gem that can reduce the level requirements of any item to 1 while it also increases the gained XP significantly.
  • Wearing a Leoric Signet or/and a Leoric’s Crown socketed with a red gem also helps. These items increase the amount of gained XP as well.
  • And of course, having three other friends in the party with powerful characters helps A LOT.

[Via Kotaku]

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