Check Out This Amazing “Street Fighter 2” Themed Photoshoot by Dana Tarr


I am very lucky to know some incredibly talented people. One of those people is a young man by the name of Dana Tarr. He wanted nothing more than to be a photographer, and unlike most people, he actually chased that dream aggressively until it was in his hands. From shooting Nicki Minaj (say what you want about her music but no man in his right mind would’ve passed up that opportunity) to hanging out with Clinton Sparks, he has already made a massive name for himself. But as you can see from the work below, the man has a gift.

dana shot 2

But the beautiful thing is, much like most cool people, he is a geek at heart, as you can see from this stellar photoshoot. The two stunning models (and bloggers too!) you see above are Arielle Paul (Chun Li) and Ashley Bard (Lara Croft). This amazing layout (From the I, ECHO PARK blog) is about as meta as it gets. Chun-Li playing as Chun-Li (sporting victory pose)! There is much beauty in that. From the costumes to the visual effects, this is as good as it gets, and I am not just saying that because I know them.

Also, how bleeping nice is it to see an old-school arcade get represented too? If you live in the Los Angeles area, the Button Mash arcade/bar is a must-visit spot for geeks!


Huge props to all involved. I am blessed to know some of the people I know (and now, so are you).


Source: [I, ECHO PARK | Dana Tarr Photography | Button Mash Olschool Arcade (LA)]

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